North Inc – Team Testimonials

April 29, 2022by northincstl

At North Inc, we are team-focused. Our business practices center around the growth, development, and overall wellness of our people. Why? Because they are the force that propels our business forward. Our growth over the years and our place as St. Louis’ leading marketing and sales firm comes down to their work ethic and determination. We value our team members and are always eager for their feedback. By listening to their thoughts and opinions, we have been able to tighten our systems and strengthen our company’s culture and overall productivity.

Today, we’re excited to showcase a few of our team members’ testimonials. Our business is growing, and we want potential candidates to have a clear picture of our office culture and the opportunity we provide. Let’s start with a few focusing on our company’s vibe.

“Nice place to work and great people!”

“Nice modern office with little to no difficulty to find!”

“Fulfilling and meaningful time spent helping other people….”

“I have loved working at North Inc!”

“Amazing people who all want to see you succeed and grow as a person.”

Let’s turn the tide and shine the spotlight on how they feel about their work environment! We’re big on boosting positivity and understand how beneficial it is to our business’s growth that our team members look forward to showing up to work daily.

“The people in the office work well together. You can tell that they genuinely like each other and want to help each other every day.”

“Lots of fun activities planned outside of the office.”

“Great atmosphere to learn.”

“Environment that promotes personal development and being a better person overall.”

“Excellent culture. You work hard, play hard, and the people are all incredible.”

Now, let’s shift gears. The following testimonials are all about the career opportunity we provide and our mentorship and training programs! We work diligently to provide our people with the tools and resources to grow their skills and excel. Reading how much they appreciate our efforts always brings us such joy!

“Awesome management training program for motivated and ambitious entrepreneurial individuals. Great for someone looking to gain experience….”

“Great job to learn transferable skills.”

“Professional development, learn about business, great mentorship….”

“Coaching from people who genuinely want you to succeed!”

“It was a great post-college experience to learn time management skills, organizational skills, sales skills, leadership skills, and public speaking skills. I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence.”

Since opening in 2006, North Inc has continuously worked to be a source of growth for our people. Reading how fulfilled, they feel working with us lets us know that what we’re doing is working. Our plans for the future remain as they have always been. Stay focused on our people and encourage open communication!

If you want to jumpstart your career at North Inc, email your resume to [email protected]. We are ready to help you reach your max potential!